Soins du visage

When do I choose the Acne Prone Skin and when do I choose the Daily Boost?

● In the case of acne or certainly with treatment with Isotretinoin, cleaning and care with Oy Acne Prone Skin is an absolute must. With oily skin or if your skin feels nourished and is sensitive to impurities, the Acne prone skin is the most appropriate.
● Dry skin or mixed skin with eg greasy T-zone is regulated by Daily Boost, this nourishing cleansing works like a mask. Here you get maximum results with minimum effort. Daily Boost can be 'too' rich in texture for some young skins.
● For eczema, irritation, atopic dermatitis or, for example, psoriasis, it is best to use Oy daily boost in the morning and Oy acne prone skin in the evening. Due to the difference in active substances, they complement each other and together they have a great added value for sensitive or damaged skin.

Is it the intention that you only use the face care in the morning or also in the evening?

Maximum results are visible with morning and evening cleansing.

Little time? Oy Face Wash is a TIMESAVER : deeply cleanses and moisturizes and nourishes like a mask. After massaging into dry skin, the cleanser will form a cleansing milk with some water that perfectly removes make-up (even waterproof).

In the morning the Oy cleanser removes all impurities, sweat, dead skin cells because during the night our skin works on cell renewal.

In the evening, cleaning is necessary to remove pollution, external impurities and remnants of creams and to clean the pores properly.

Do you still need a moisturizing cream afterwards?

It is not the intention to use an extra moisturizing cream because the skin is already hydrated and nourished to the maximum by our highly concentrated effect - even after rinsing.
The reason for this hyper-hydration and nourishment of the skin is our anhydrous products. After all, our skin is lipid-loving and the active substances are channeled in and give maximum results. Our team of dermatologists found this So a moisturizing day and night cream are no longer necessary, but make sure you still have sun protection because the sun ages the skin strongly. And an eye serum and results in our clinical tests spectacular.

Facial serum (also nicely concentrated substances) are still useful.

How do you use Oy Face Wash?

You can use our anhydrous Oy products without water because Oy melts on the skin.
Take a small amount (a large pea) for the face and leave on for at least 1 minute before rinsing:

1. Gently massage in circular motions. Don't forget your eye contours and eyelids because this face wash also removes leftover make-up. (Tested by ophthalmologists)
2. Take a little water and the cleanser turns into a cleansing milk that has a very moisturizing and nourishing effect.
3. Rinse completely with lukewarm water either in the shower or at the sink and pat your face dry.

Why doesn't Oy Acne Prone Skin smell good?

At the request of dermatologists and for sensitive skin, our acne cleanser is perfume-free. This means that the product has the natural scent of the ingredients - pure nature. We may in the future provide a version with our hypoallergenic perfume such as the subtle scent we use for Oy Daily Boost.

Can I still use my acne cream after Oy cleansing?

Definitely. The deep cleansing of Oy Acne Prone skin is the ideal basis to continue an acne treatment. The skin and especially the pores are deeply cleansed and just by cleaning, the number of whiteheads is reduced by 96% and the pimples and pimples are also reduced. An acne cream will work much better and deeper after using the Oy-cleanser.

Déo soin

What are the antibacterial ingredients of Oy?

Our Deo Wash and Scrub, as well as the Acne Prone skin, contain 96% natural ingredients of vegetable origin with a blend of Octenidine HCl and Ethylhexylglycerine. Very safe active substances ensure the elimination of odor-causing bacteria and also acne bacteria. Our products are safe during pregnancy, even in babies, including breast cancer.

Are you supposed to use another deodorant?

A deo can still be used but can be phased out after 2 weeks (if desired). The use of a regular deodorant is less and less necessary after using the OY soap against sweat odor. From now on, your favorite perfume will provide the nice scent!

How fast does Oy deo Wash work?

The speed of operation depends on your specific microbiome, because each skin flora has different microbes and therefore sweat odor-causing bacteria to a greater or lesser extent. Some have results in 1 week, others more than 1 month or continue to combine with a deodorant.

The use is also very specific, namely let it work on dry skin for at least 1 minute and only then rinse it off. This is possible 2 x / day because it is a very safe and healthy deodorant effect.

If you wear 'old sweaty' clothing again, the armpits will be re-infected and it may take, for example, another 2 weeks before you are odor-free.

What is the difference with a regular deodorant?

OY eliminates sweat odor and does not slow down natural sweating.
REVOLUTIONARY is that OY removes the cause of sweat odor in the form of a rinse-off product and not a leave-on like a classic deodorant, which sticks under the armpit all day long.

What is important is the difference between an ordinary deodorant that masks the odor and an antiperspirant or antiperspirant with aluminum salts that really slows down sweating. If you do not want armpit ponds, you can still use this to a limited extent. If you block sweating under the armpits, the sweat can find another way and you can get sweaty hands, feet or start sweating in the neck or groin area.

I am still not odor free after 10 days – what can I do?

We recommend that someone who suffers from persistent perspiration odor use Oy 2x a day at the start and, for example, apply a thin layer in the evening for the night and let it work as a deo cream.

Preferably use Oy together with new clothes! After all, the smell and the bacteria remain in the clothes after washing. Even with odor-free armpits, the 'old bacteria' will re-infect the armpits and cause sweat odor.
Our research shows that it then takes 2 weeks before the odour-free balance is restored.

Place Oy next to the toothpaste at your sink so that you use it correctly: massage into dry skin, let it work for at least 1 minute, rinse well and dry. A small amount of Oy is sufficient, so you don't have to apply a thick layer. For both armpits, a pea is enough so that the 100ml tube is sufficient for 2 to 3 months.

2% of the test audience reported that the smell evolved at start-up, but this disappears after 2 weeks of consistent and correct use.

3% told us that Oy antibacterial soap was not yet sufficient to be fragrance-free for 24 hours, which is why a deodorant can still be combined.

I shave my armpits: what should I use, Oy Deo Wash or Oy Deo Scrub?

Both products can be used on a shaved armpit. Both the soap and the scrub have the same effect, only the scrub contains fine, soft sand particles.

The difference is here:

• Deo Wash antibacterial soap is for a 'just shaved' or sensitive armpit, skin folds and groin area. eg Lies Helsloot from the book 'Walk je slender en happy' reports that she uses Oy Deo Wash as a shaving cream and after washing the armpits are odorless and shaved smoothly!

• Deo Scrub can be used for a less sensitive armpit, and certainly with armpit hair: the bacteria stick to the hairs and continue to cause sweat odor, which is why scrubbing cleans the armpit hairs.

We also recommend Oy Deo Scrub for the feet to remove dead skin cells so that the active ingredients can work better. You use the scrub to neutralize all bacteria and fungi between the toes and around and under the nails.

Will you sweat less? Are armpit ponds curbed?

No, our quote is: sweating is allowed, odors are not.

Sweating is a natural HEALTHY process and a necessary function of our body to cool down. By sweating, our body can prevent it from getting too hot.

Some people have almost no moisture formation and will therefore sweat little or not at all. Sweat production is mainly genetically determined and can also be influenced by hormonal changes and being overweight.

Why doesn't the soap foam?

Oy contains no water and no foam because our formula is a gel to milk, a very specific composition because soap-free is much better tolerated by the skin and must stick to the skin for one minute to work. You can easily rinse this off and the water turns the gel into a nourishing body milk.

This does not feel sticky or greasy after drying. Afterwards you have deeply cleansed pores and a very pure and soft skin.

Thanks to Oy you save on water! 0% water means 100% active ingredients!
Most shower soaps consist of 70 to 80% water and 10% foam, so there is little room for active substances. After all, water comes from the tap and does not have to be in your product.

Can you use this product daily with confidence?

Our antibacterial soap contains very safe active ingredients in a dose suitable for daily use. To comply with European regulations, our products are examined by a safety expert and found to be completely safe.

Our clinical tests have shown that Oy does not kill all the microbes living on our skin - even after 60 minutes. The applied dose is adjusted to only remove the overgrowth and restore a healthy skin balance.

What is the difference between using a soap against sweat odor and a deodorant?

Each deodorant contains agents with a disinfecting effect that continue to act on your skin for a large part of the day and are added as a preservative.

The use of our Oy soap against sweat odor works as a pre-odorant, before the odor can arise, Oy removes the cause - compared to a deodorant that sticks to your skin and works for a whole day. Some dermatologists even recommend washing off the remnants of an antiperspirant under the armpits every night before going to sleep. That is why Oy antibacterial soap is the ideal solution.

From what age can Oy be used?

Our Oy Deo Wash is safe for all ages. Our products are toxicologist tested and approved for all ages (by the way, this testing is a legal requirement). Especially for young teenagers who suddenly suffer from sweat smell, this antibacterial soap is the ideal solution. Washing yourself every morning and leaving fresh for class and staying fresh after gymnastics class also ensures self-confidence! We already have many 8 to 9-year-old fans of our anti-sweat soap.

The hypoallergenic perfume in Oy Deo Scrub contains eucalyptus and this is not recommended for babies under 36 months (Deo Wash is allowed). And the smelly feet of, for example, 4-year-olds can be treated perfectly with Oy by using it 1 to 2x a week.

Would a soap dispenser be possible?

A soap pump does not work at Oy because our antibacterial soap is too liquid. If we 'diluted' our soap with water, a pump would work, but we resolutely opt for an anhydrous formula in a tube! A tube is also a hygienic packaging because you only push the necessary amount out of the tube.

We will certainly continue to monitor the innovations in packaging.

In the shower

Can I use Oy in the shower?

Oy antibacterial soap immediately rinses away with the water in the shower and then has insufficient effect. Correct use is therefore very important! We recommend placing the tube next to your toothpaste on the sink.

• In the morning immediately apply a thin layer of Oy to dry skin under the armpits (and possibly also between the toes, in the groin area,...)

• Let Oy work for 1 minute (you can brush your teeth in the meantime, for example).

• Then rinse Oy in the shower or at the sink with a washcloth.

Can you still use a shower soap after you have rinsed off the product?

Not under the armpits because an ordinary shower soap takes away the effect of Oy. You can use a shower gel on other parts of the body, but not under armpits and not on the feet.

You only use Oy where necessary: ​​these are the moist warm spots on the body that you want to deodorize.

Can Oy soap against sweat odor also be used without showering?

This is perfectly possible!

If washcloth-and-sink is more your style, be our guest! It is also a way to use little water, which we only welcome.

About sweating

Why do I sweat more than anyone else?

Almost everyone sweats to a greater or lesser extent. This is determined, among other things, by the number of sweat glands that are active and also to what extent your body has to cool down. Sweating increases during sports, heavy physical exertion or stressful situations. Sweating is healthy and sweat is odorless.

Clinical studies have proven that due to hormonal changes and during exercise and stress, those specific bacterial groups that cause bad odors grow extra quickly. These, in turn, make the sweat smell faster.

Where do the yellow circles on clothes come from?

The main culprits are the micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts) that form waste products under the armpits and, together with components from certain deodorants, also cause the unpleasant odor and the formation of yellow circles. If you tackle the cause by eliminating these microorganisms with Oy antibacterial soap, the yellow circles will no longer stand a chance.

What about armpit ponds?

Sweating is a natural and necessary process. The function of sweating is to cool the body and through the armpits is the normal way. If you slow this down too much under the armpits, your body can look for another place to cool down, via your hands, feet, scalp or groin area.

So in the long term it is less healthy to slow down sweating every day and an antibacterial soap offers a solution. After all Oy eliminates sweat smell.

If you want to avoid armpit ponds, an antiperspirant / antiperspirant is a possibility. For example, you can control the armpit ponds on an important occasion. Botox can offer a solution for extreme sweating, but it is useful to test beforehand whether the sweating moves.

Are the Oy products sustainable?


Our active ingredients in the OY antibacterial soap are of course very safe for people and nature and have been chosen with the greatest care. After all, every product has a safety file and the end product is checked by a toxicologist before a cosmetic is launched on the market.

Benefits of a concentrated formula.

Ecology at its best !! : an antibacterial soap in which each ingredient is only added for its active effect. By omitting water, there is more 'room' for active ingredients and you need less end product when using. The place of water and foam is taken by the nourishing oil and the super moisturizing vegetable glycerin. So just the opposite of the 'ordinary' shower soap, OY works very nourishing and moisturizing instead of drying.

Less wax and detergent.

Every time our washing machine runs, we also burden the environment not only through the high water consumption, but also through the washing products. Oy antibacterial soap keeps our clothes fresh for longer. You can walk around with the same T-shirt all week, so to speak. Thanks to Oy, bad odors in the armpits, circles after sweating and yellowing on the white T-shirts or shirts are a thing of the past. No matter how soaking wet your sports shirt may be after exercise, no 'training' smell will linger after drying.

Advantages of a formula without water.

OY is a highly concentrated, antibacterial soap and does not contain water, whereas most shower soaps contain 60 to 70% water as raw material. This is a lot of water! And above all, this is not ecological in terms of production and transport from "A to B" 70% water is transported in plastic bottles. All the more water adds very little value compared to other active ingredients, and therefore the amount of water is also important in the pricing of the soap. A lot of water in the formula means that this soap is more susceptible to bacterial contamination and growth of microorganisms, which means that more preservatives are added. So water is best from the tap and does not belong in your product.

A product with water always has a certain pH value.

A water-containing formula has a certain pH value that affects the acidity of the skin. Ideally, the pH for the skin is around 5 - 5.5 which is more of an acidic environment. Each formula with water therefore contains an extra chemical to adjust the pH for the skin: either a base eg sodium hydroxide or an acid eg lactic acid.
It is of course ideal to work without water, such as with the antibacterial soap against sweat odor from Oy. Oy takes on the pH of your skin.

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