Weg met stinkend zweet!

Get rid of stinky sweat!

Scientifically proven

OY, the story

Pharmacist Inge Louf has two passions in life: science and her customers. She especially wants to listen to them, she wants to know what is going on in their minds and what they really need. And she wants to offer her customers medication and products that actually do what they promise: make their lives better.

Inge often suffered from sweat odors during stressful situations. Annoying when you have to mingle with customers. That is why she went looking for a product that on the one hand made the odor disappear, but on the other hand also ensured that the natural sweating process was not slowed down. To her great surprise, there was no product on the market that met her needs.

The aha moment

Driven by her passion for scientific formulas, she started working herself.
She began studying the subject, visiting scientists who were experts in sweating and odor development, and began experimenting in her own mini-lab. 4 years later and 271 attempts later, she has the perfect formula against stinky sweat. A formula that repels sweat odors and ensures that you keep sweating. Ecologically responsible and safe for the user.

She already had the support of her family, but she also found support from VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), who were completely supportive of her project. In the meantime, her two sons were also involved in the OY story. Together they commercialized OY and it was launched in April 2018.

OY, the island

Finding the ideal formula is one thing, but finding a name for it is another. Inge wanted the name to reflect the purity of the product, the freedom, the freshness. OY is Norwegian for island, and it is the perfect embodiment of those values.

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