Inge Louf is Belofte van West-Vlaanderen

Inge Louf is Promised of West Flanders

Inge Louf from Ypres is a candidate for the prize of the most promising young entrepreneur in Flanders. The woman developed an anti-sweating gel under the name Oy.

The Womed Award is an award for the entrepreneur of the year. The title is awarded annually by Markant and Unizo. A Promise of the Year is also chosen each time. There is a candidate for the title per province and now it is Inge Louf from Ypres for West Flanders. Louf graduated as a pharmacist, but was active in her husband's insurance office for many years. She started developing a gel against sweat odors. The product works like a soap and is called Oy. The entrepreneur built a lab at home to develop her product. Apply Oy to the places where it is needed: feet, skin folds and armpits. Inge Louf is one of the five finalists for the Womed Award for promises. You can vote via .

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