Geen zweetgeur, a way of life

No sweat smell, a way of life

Geen zweetgeur, a way of life

Sweating, no odor

Many products inhibit sweating and that is not healthy. Sweating ensures that the body temperature remains constant. That is why OY focuses on odor control because sweat itself is odorless. It is the microorganisms in these warm, moist places that cause the sweat odor.

Lasting results

Use OY every morning and that annoying sweat odor will be gone for at least 24 hours. Apply it just before you shower on dry skin and after rinsing you can go back to it feeling fresh and carefree. And what's more, no more sweat rings and your clothes stay fresh longer!

No side effects

OY is safe for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and children.
It contains no parabens or preservatives and is completely biodegradable.

Meditating woman, joga, relax

Good for nature and yourself

You may, but you do not have to, wash yourself from head to toe with soap. A regular shower soap usually contains up to 70% water and a lot of foaming agent, which causes dry skin. Oy only contains skin-caring oil and the super moisturizing glycerine. You have never been able to pamper yourself with a soap that is so nourishing and powerful at the same time. By the way, the less product you need, the better for nature and your wallet!

Scientific effectiveness.

The unique formula is the result of years of research in collaboration with some leading scientists in the field.

We resolutely opted for an anhydrous base. Our revolutionary formula with nourishing oil hydrates and strengthens the skin. Each ingredient is active and has been selected with the greatest care for optimal results.

On the one hand, the oil ensures adhesion to the skin, allowing the soap to work actively for 1 minute, and at the same time the glycerin ensures the moisture regulation of the skin. Thanks to this unique blend of ingredients, you immediately get a pleasant feeling when drying. The skin feels soft and gives a dry feeling.

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