Bij deze Belgische beautymerken shop je milieubewust en lokaal - L'Officiel magazine

Shop environmentally consciously and locally at these Belgian beauty brands - L'Officiel magazine

Belgian beauty brands that are vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic? We researched and selected 6 beauty brands for environmentally conscious and local shopping.

This Belgian skin-friendly label tackles sweat odors in a revolutionary way. Oy offers deodorant in the form of a deodorant wash and deodorant scrub, which you apply to the dry skin of the armpits in the morning before showering. After one minute of exposure time, rinse the product and you're done! The active, natural ingredients neutralize the activity of the micro-organisms that cause an unpleasant odor. In addition, the skin flora is optimized without affecting the natural acidity. The natural sweating process is not prevented and you are still guaranteed to stay fresh. The concentrated formula is gentle on the planet and on the skin, even the most sensitive, including pregnant women and children. The formula is free of parabens and preservatives and is completely biodegradable, including scrub particles. From now on, the deodorants are also available in travel size tubes of 100 ml.

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