Belgische beautymerken om te (her)ontdekken. - Libelle

Belgian beauty brands to (re)discover. - Dragonfly

Shopping at Belgian beauty brands? That's doubly nice: you support local entrepreneurs and have fine beauty products to discover in detail. Pure indulgence, and you do your part!


Belgian beauty products

Do you suffer from sweat odors and/or unflattering yellow circles on your clothes? Then is Oy your lifesaver. The unique formula neutralizes micro-organisms that cause sweat odors and the skin flora is optimized without affecting the natural acidity. In short: the natural sweating process is not prevented, but you are guaranteed to stay fresh all day long.

Our favorite: Deo Wash in a handy take-along format, perfect for a weekend away. You apply a pea to dry skin, let it work for one minute and rinse with water. Tested and approved!

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